Business Incentives

The cost of living and the cost of doing business in Nance County are low, and there are many support mechanisms in place to assist new and existing business owners.

The City of Fullerton and the City of Genoa have both negotiated TIF (Tax Increment Financing) packages for a number of start-up and expansion projects, and they continue to consider this financing mechanism for qualifying businesses.

The City of Fullerton also manages a half-percent sales tax fund, known statewide as LB 840, a local option municipal sales tax, which sets aside revolving loan moneys to be used for economic development and infrastructure. Businesses can apply for LB 840 funding for any number of project types.

Likewise, the Nance County Development Agency has funds set aside to assist qualifying applicants with projects that will retain or increase jobs, expand or upgrade businesses, and attract new businesses to the area.

The Fullerton Area Chamber of Commerce and the Genoa Chamber of Commerce are active groups that are eager to assist in establishing relationships and getting business owners connected with the resources they need.

In addition, the Fullerton Area Economic Development Corporation offers two programs to assist existing businesses: the Business Frontage Improvement Grant Program; and the Business Loan Program.

Nebraska businesses are fortunate to have an aggressive and supportive network of economic development professionals at the regional and state level. While we have our own business support programs at the local level, we also derive great benefit from partnerships with organizations such as the Nebraska Department of Economic Development, the Northeast Nebraska Economic Development District, the Rural Enterprise Assistance Project, the Nebraska Economic Developers Association, and the economic development branches of our local utility companies. These partners assist with planning and financing options and packages that make doing business in Nebraska make sense.