Fullerton EDO and Chamber


The mission of the Fullerton Area Economic Development Corporation (FAEDC) is to partner with city government and other local entities to create a more dynamic and robust local economy that results in: job and business creation and retention; the development of affordable housing; an increased and diversified tax base; and an improved quality of life for area residents.

The FAEDC administers multiple programs that address housing and business needs in the community. These programs include:

  • Small Business Loans
    This program administers loans to be used for business purposes, including but not limited to:  inventory, working capital, equipment, real estate down payments, and repairs. View Guidelines
  • Free Lots Program
    The FAEDC offers free lots within Fullerton city limits to individuals who are interested in building a new home. View Guidelines  | View Available Lots
  • Renovation & Demolition Grants
    This program is intended to assist income-qualifying homeowners, businesses, and nonprofit organizations with the exterior renovation or demolition of properties within the city limits of Fullerton. Eligible activities include exterior improvements (eg. house paint, sidewalk repair) and demolition expenses. View Guidelines


Joe Wegner
PO Box 400
Fullerton, NE 68638
Phone: (308) 536-2482
Email: jwegner@fnbancs.com
Kurt Pickrel
PO Box 580
Fullerton, NE 68638
Phone: (308) 536-2492
Email: kpickrel@fbtfullerton.com



The Fullerton Area Chamber of Commerce has a steady annual membership of about 100 local businesses and individuals. The mission of the Chamber is to encourage and support local businesses, coordinate family oriented events, and attract visitors to Fullerton to shop and enjoy what the community has to offer. Chamber activities include: Business after hours; Chamber Bucks; First Dollar Awards; teacher appreciation events; and planning and co-sponsorship of Easter, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas activities.

The Fullerton Chamber meets the second Wednesday of every month at 12 noon at Floral Occasions on Broadway. For more information, contact:

Fullerton Chamber
PO Box 708
Fullerton, NE  68638
(308) 536-2902
Email: econdevnance@hamilton.net