The Nance County Development Agency (NCDA) is committed to business, housing, and community development throughout Nance County. The NCDA’s Director of Economic Development is appointed by the Nance County Board of Supervisors, and the NCDA’s 10-member Board of Representatives is comprised of elected officials and residents of each of the county’s three communities — Fullerton, Genoa, and Belgrade. Funding for the NCDA is established through an Interlocal Agreement between the county and its three communities.



The mission of the Nance County Development Agency (NCDA) is to strengthen Nance County as an “open for business” community by fostering and encouraging responsible economic development activities that result in job creation and retention, an increased tax base, and an improved quality of life for all residents.


Director of Economic Development

Allen Chlopek
209 Esther St.
PO Box 821
Fullerton, NE 68638
Phone: (308) 536-2902
Fax: (308) 536-2742


Board of Representatives

  • Dana Dannelly, Chairperson (Genoa)
  • Mary Jo Miller (Belgrade Village Board)
  • Daniel Laska (Genoa Community Development Assn.)
  • Carol Engel (City Councilperson, Genoa)
  • Darren Nelson (County Supervisor, Genoa)
  • Ralph Horacek (County Supervisor, Fullerton)
  • Dennis Jarecke (County Supervisor, Fullerton)
  • Wylene Novicki (City Councilperson, Fullerton)
  • Dennis McCoig (Fullerton)
  • Joe Wegner (Fullerton Area Economic Development Corp.)