Health Care


Fullerton has two satellite clinics that provide comprehensive services to area residents:



Lone Tree Medical Clinic is a satellite clinic of Litzenberg Memorial County Hospital in Central City, which is about 20 miles south of Fullerton. Lone Tree is located at 901 Broadway Street in Fullerton, and the staff may be reached at 308-536-2458.





The Nance County Medical Clinic is a satellite clinic of Boone County Health Center in Albion, about 20 miles north of Fullerton. The clinic is located at 405 Broadway in Fullerton and may be reached at 308-536-2446.

Fullerton is also home to Delaney Pharmacy, which is located at 312 Broadway St. and may be reached at 308-536-2641.



genoa_medicalGenoa Medical Facilities is a community owned, non-profit, multi-facility organization comprised of Genoa Hospital, Genoa Long Term Care, and Genoa Assisted Living. GMF is the leading healthcare provider and one of the leading employers in Nance County with over 100 employees. Genoa Medical Facilities is an ever evolving facility providing progressive, quality healthcare to Nance County and the surrounding areas.

Genoa is also home to the Genoa Community Pharmacy at 508 Willard Avenue in Genoa. The pharmacy may be reached at 402-993-2400.