Nance County, Nebraska is a rural, agricultural community whose primary economic activities include row crop farming and livestock feeding operations. In addition to the ag economy, Nance County’s tier-one economic drivers include two K-12 school systems; nursing, assisted, and independent living facilities; county government; and a large sand refinement facility. The three towns in Nance County support the ag industry through their retail and service sectors.


Nance County is approximately 30 miles west of Columbus, 40 miles northeast of Grand Island, and 120 miles west of Omaha. Nebraska State Highways 14 and 22 intersect the county, and the Union Pacific Railroad serves the towns of Belgrade, Fullerton, and Genoa. There are two small airports in the county, and larger airports are in nearby Central City and Grand Island.


Nance County has a low cost of living, low unemployment rate, and low crime rate. The 2010 Census recorded the population of Nance County at 3,735. The area median income is approximately $42,088 (2012), which is consistent with the AMI for the state of Nebraska. The average value of a home in Nance County is about $70,000, and the average cost of rent is about $450. The county’s unemployment rate is at 3.6%.


Nance County has a total area of 448 square miles. There are 10 creeks and two rivers (the Loup and the Cedar) in the county. We are at the heart of some of the best recreational land in Nebraska, where popular past-times include canoeing, tanking, air boating, swimming, and fishing. Small and large game hunting is also very popular throughout the county.


This is a small, tightknit, rural community that provides, not only affordable housing and living, but a way of life. It is a wonderful place to enjoy nature, participate in community life, and raise a family in a safe and nurturing environment. We are a community filled with leaders and citizens who are dedicated to growing the community and the economy through hard work, community pride, and local investment.


Nance County is a shining example of the Nebraska state motto: “Nebraska . . . the good life.”



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